Just like people, dogs need regular exercise and stimulation to keep them in tip-top shape, both physically and mentally. And since dogs crave human companionship, then who better to choose as your exercise partner than your pooch?

Tips to get started

Exercise needs vary from dog to dog, depending on the dog’s breed, age, weight, and other factors. Therefore, consult with your vet before starting an exercise program with your dog-and be sure to consult with your own physician about the right program for you.

    • Take things slowly at first. Begin with short sessions at slow speeds; then, gradually increase the time, speed and distance.
    • Your dog’s paw pads will need time to toughen, so begin walking or running with him on soft surfaces such as dirt, sand or grass.
    • Avoid exercising your dog immediately before or after they’ve eaten. A full stomach may cause digestive upsets.
    • Provide only small amounts of water before and directly after exercise.

To read more tips on exercising your dog read the following tip sheet: Exercising with your Dog

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